Local, municipal, state, and federal courts partner with Sentinel for adult and juvenile populations. Each jurisdiction creates a customized program to meet their unique needs. We offer several ways to customize the program, including:

All services and programs are backed by our National Monitoring Center.   The programs offered cover a wide range.

Random Drug and Alcohol Testing

Sentinel provides drug testing services to participants with court-ordered regular or random drug testing. Sentinel provides five-, six- or twelve-panel drug testing and will also provide lab confirmation of positive results with proper chain of custody procedures.

Misdemeanant Case Management

Sentinel manages cases for low-risk participants to ensure compliance with court orders for check-in reporting, probation payments, drug testing, cognitive skills classes, and all other court orders, including community service tracking and mental/behavioral health evaluations.

Warrant Recovery Program

Sentinel’s Warrant Recovery Program uses the defendant’s name and all of the last known contact information with a wide approach of mailers and telephone calls to locate the defendant. When contact is made, Sentinel informs the defendant of the warrant and any possible courses for resolution that have been approved by the agency or court.

Collection and Distribution of Fines & Fees

Sentinel offers full court and probation collection and distribution services of fines, fees, and restitution through its national collection call center, on-site staff, on-location kiosks, or web-based payments. Our existing efforts currently result in the collection of more than $35 million annually on behalf of the court circuits that we service, all of which is distributed back to the courts, civic agencies, and victims as restitution payments.

Victim Restitution and Remittance Program

Victim restitution is a priority for Sentinel. We take responsibility for collecting and distributing Victim Restitution on a monthly basis.

Risk and Needs Assessment

To deal with each individual’s needs, every offender enrolled into Sentinel’s program undergoes a risk and needs assessment. Based on the findings, the case manager develops an individualized Behavior Management Plan specifically for that person, which includes a combination of behavior modification tools along with certain education and rehab courses.

Failure to Appear Program

Sentinel staff can also attempt to locate defendants who have failed to appear for court hearings through Sentinel’s Failure to Appear (FTA) program. Sentinel attempts to locate the defendant through multiple means. Upon making contact, Sentinel informs the defendant of the court’s disposition of his case and approved alternatives.


Cognitive Skills Courses

Sentinel provides qualified, on-location cognitive skills courses including, but not limited to:

  • Alcohol and Drug Education Programs
  • Anger Management
  • Batterers Intervention
  • Theft Intervention
  • Critical Life Skills
  • Driver Improvement Programs
  • Employment Readiness.


Sentinel can provide several industry-recognized programs including, but not limited to, MRT®.