Thank you from Sentinel!

Thank You!

Everyone across the country recognizes the importance of our First Responders during this unprecedented  Covid-19 pandemic. At Sentinel, we want to thank all First Responders for their courage and commitment, and specifically we want to recognize the law enforcement agencies we work with daily.

Throughout this pandemic Sentinel has collaborated with our customers and witnessed the extraordinary dedication you have towards community safety, officer safety, participant health, and implementation of COVID-19 risk reduction best practices. We have seen program populations expand while agencies continue to find creative ways to maintain participant supervision and social distancing guidelines. We have helped programs implement new technology designed to reduce participant foot traffic inside community correction offices and watched as local jails and Detention Centers implemented in-custody policies to reduce infection risks in their facilities.

While the individual and innovative changes that each of your programs has made may not make national news, we at Sentinel appreciate the efforts, professionalism and courage during these difficult times.

During this pandemic, we have adjusted our services and introduced new technology designed to limit direct participant contact while maintaining effective supervision levels. The expansion of our cell phone-based tracking options has allowed supervision to continue without the need for face to face meetings. Additionally, we have expanded product capacity to ensure our customers have access to the required monitoring devices and we are continuing to make sure certain devices are available for immediate shipment.

To learn more about how cell phone-based applications can be introduced within your program please contact Sentinel at 800-589-6003 ext. 2104 or contact us.

Thank you again for your commitment.

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