Advocate App: Victim Notification and Tracking that’s convenient, discreet and confidential

The Advocate app combines a victim’s smartphone location with the advanced tracking capabilities of Sentinel’s OM500 GPS device. The app allows the local supervising authority to track and compare location data of participants and victims of domestic violence simultaneously through Sentinel’s proprietary DNA monitoring system.


Sentinel’s Advocate app is available through the Apple Store and Google Play and is compatible with iOS and Android OS. It combines the services of our industryleading 24/7/365 National Monitoring Center with proven GPS tracking technology to deliver the following capabilities:

Geolocation Monitoring

Compares the location of both the participant and victim of domestic violence in near real time.

Notify Users

Alerts victims and the local supervising authority through a convenient text, email or push notification (without the need for a secondary device).

24/7 Location Tracking

Specially trained Sentinel operators provide reliable information to the victim and the local supervising authority if a participant enters an exclusion zone.

Mobile Exclusion Zones

Flexible zones move with the victim and offer configurable sizing for maximum program effectiveness.

Buffer Zones

Allows notifications to occur prior to the participant entering an exclusion zone.

One-Touch 911

Keeps the victim’s response topofmind with emergency contact numbers and onetouch dialing for 911.

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