Law enforcement and community corrections agencies use GPS ( Global Positioning System ) to monitor and track probation, parole, and day release program participants. This highly accurate technology has been used for this purpose for over 30 years. When coupled with around-the-clock monitoring of location data this has proven to be a valuable tool to hold offenders accountable while they are in the community.

Sentinel Offers Several GPS Monitoring Options

How GPS Monitoring Works

Sentinel GPS Electronic Monitoring

  • The participant is equipped with a GPS tracking device.
  • The device captures latitude and longitude coordinates from a minimum of four satellites. Location data along with date, timestamp, and rate of travel (speed) are processed.
  • Data is collected by the GPS device and transmitted to the Sentinel National Monitoring Center via cellular communication.
  • SentinelDNA offender management platform stores and reports device location and status.
  • Based on a predetermined protocol with the agency, officers are notified when a violation has occurred