Sentinel’s community-based programs deliver proven results


Sentinel has a local presence in communities across the nation. Each Sentinel office expands our ability to better serve customers. If not co-located within a supervising agency, Sentinel’s stand-alone offices are located near supervising agencies and the participant populations which they serve.

Each facility offers a unique set of programs and services. These can include cognitive skills training to counteract anger and domestic violence issues, GED exam preparation, employment preparation, drug and alcohol testing, electronic monitoring and collection of fees and fines. Services are combined to meet each agency’s needs and help graduates succeed.

Programs and Services

Sentinel offers a variety of programs and services managed and delivered by our professional staff.

  • Individualized Treatment Plans
  • Cognitive Behavioral Impact Courses
  • Tracking and Appropriate Response to Violations
  • Identified, Measurable Outcomes

Designed for Your Agency

Each jurisdiction across the country manages community corrections in their own unique manner. Sentinel customers represent a wide spectrum of the criminal justice industry.

  • State and County Probation Departments
  • Local Sheriff Departments
  • City, State and Criminal Courts
  • Pretrial and Diversion Programs
  • Juvenile Probation and Detention