GPS Location Tracking Ankle Monitor

The OM500 offered by Sentinel is a sleek, one-piece GPS tracking device that employs GPS, WiFi, and Cellular location tracking technologies to effectively monitor a participant’s movement throughout the community. The device allows agency personnel to communicate with participants through the use of audio messaging, vibrations, and tones. The OM500 utilizes quick charge technology and offers industry leading battery performance.

The OM500 works in conjunction with Sentinel’s DNA monitoring platform and allows officers to not only review standard tracking data but to also access our advanced program analytics. This combination of state-of-the-art hardware and DNA software make Sentinel’s GPS tracking solution the industry leading
choice for criminal justice agencies nationwide.

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OM500 Features

  • Tracks indoors and GPS-impaired environments for greater accuracy
  • One-piece design, tool-free installation
  • Cellular, satellite, and Wi-Fi signals for precision tracking
  • Reusable cut-free fiber optic strap
  • Tamper detection by fiber optic strap and back-plate removal
  • Participant communications via tone, vibration, and voice
  • Waterproof, Dishwasher safe, and exceeds IP68 standards
  • Verizon LTE and AT&T Network
  • Rapid, rotating magnetic charger
  • Extended battery life that exceeds five days