The Sentinel App Family

Designed to support and improve outcomes for those participating in offender management programs, Sentinel’s growing family of apps is available on both Apple and Android devices to accommodate a wide variety of use scenarios. All our apps allow quick, intuitive access to information and communication features.

Apps Available Now

SentinelDNA Mobile

SentinelDNA Mobile’s streamlined design delivers the most relevant features and tools of the SentinelDNA platform via a user-friendly experience. The app was created using valuable input from a panel of supervising officers who routinely work away from their field office. SentinelDNA Mobile facilitates remote supervision with a full suite of features including GPS mapping, schedule management, alert resolution and real-time app-to-device communication.

This app is part of the SentinelDNA intelligent offender management platform.

Apps Available Now

FocalPoint Mobile

With FocalPoint Mobile, officers gain access to the information and communication channels they need most, when they need it most. Like SentinelDNA Mobile, the FocalPoint app was developed using the input of officers who spend much of their day away from an office or desk, but who need robust, real-time updates on program participants. 

The FocalPoint app was designed specifically to take advantage of the advanced features of our OM500 monitoring device. Features include location and movement tools, visual aids and direct app-to-monitoring device communication.

Advocate: App Coming Soon

Designed to provide early notification to victims of domestic violence, the Advocate app works hand-in-hand with the SentinelDNA monitoring platform. The app is downloaded and installed on the user’s Apple or Android device. After attending a short orientation led by the local supervising authority, the user becomes an authorized user and registers with Sentinel.

Those who use the Advocate app can go about their lives normally, while the app creates a mobile zone that is monitored 24/7 as long as their phone

is on, with them, and tracking is enabled. The app notifies officers and users in the event of a participant breaching the zone and enables real-time communication without requiring a secondary device.

The Advocate app is part of a comprehensive program that energizes victims of domestic violence and the officers who protect them.