As part of our case management and compliance verification programs, our case managers attempt to assist program participants with all aspects of their sentence. The participant’s reintegration into the community, with employment as a main feature, is a key to the program.

  • Inform Participants of Work Requirement: With correctional agencies expecting participants to have gainful employment as a release condition from custody (where applicable), our staff ensures participants understand this employment requirement.
  • Using Local Resources: Our office staff contacts local employment agencies to obtain referral sources for individuals with possible criminal histories.
  • Continuous Follow-Up: Our case managers work closely with participants to refer them to the most suitable work site.
  • Ensure Continued Employment: Through regularly scheduled compliance appointments, Sentinel staff ensures that participants remain employed
  • Automated Assistance: For participants that solely use the Centurion kiosk system, the automated questionnaire template requires the same continued employed verification.
  • Contact with Agency Officers: Our case manager personnel maintains close contact with agency staff and provide updates on the participants’ compliance with employment obligations.
  • No Cost Assistance: If the participant is on a Sentinel offender-funded program, our staff works closely with the participant to negotiate payment arrangements. If we are providing fee collection services for the agency, we strive to ensure that the participant is making his program payments, under both offender-funded and agency-paid programs.