Offender self-reporting and Colleting fees, fines and payments


Since 1993, Sentinel has implemented customized financial services designed to increase collection rates from offenders. To assist in efforts to ensure payment compliance with a given offender population, we assist agencies in the successful collection, distribution and detailed reporting regarding the satisfaction of financial obligations for each member of that offender population.

With courts, law enforcement and community corrections agencies facing on-going budget reductions and fiscal restraints, the ability to collect payments from offenders has become paramount. Sentinel recognizes that the collection of offender fines, fees, and restitution payments is a major concern, and we have been working with agencies to address it.

To facilitate the collections process, we offer multiple payment options that can be coupled with our automated reminder calls and dedicated Collections Call Center. We strive to provide participants with every avenue for payment success, resulting in higher collection rates in the programs we serve. We have modified our offender case management software specifically for this purpose. When an offender submits a payment, our system is able to prioritize how the funds are applied based on agency directed priorities. This allows higher priority dues, such as victim restitution, to be settled sooner.

Our existing efforts currently result in the collection of more than $35 million annually on behalf of the court circuits that we service, all of which is distributed back to the courts, civic agencies, and victims as restitution payments.

Our comprehensive financial services platform provides these benefits to our partner agencies:

  • Each program is designed based on unique agency needs
  • Demonstrated track record of improved collection rates
  • Efficient dispersal of funds the same day they are received
  • Multiple payment options: online, mail-in, phone, and at local offices
  • Automated reminder calls and dedicated collection calls