Sentinel Celebrates Second Chance Month 2019

The US SenateHouse of Representatives, and the White House have all officially proclaimed April 2019 as Second Chance Month in the US.  From the White House proclamation:

“…(we call on) all Americans to commemorate this month with events and activities that raise public awareness about preventing crime and providing those who have completed their sentences an opportunity for an honest second chance.”

Partnering with the National Reentry Resource Center * and other like-minded national organizations, Sentinel Offender Services is helping to bring awareness to the importance of successful offender reentry. Second Chance Month is a time when organizations and individuals focus on the importance of helping convicted criminals to successfully reenter society. This was first observed in the United States in 2017.

The world of offender management has changed since we began this business over 25 years ago. Sentinel Offender Services has changed and evolved as well.  We continue to help court systems, law enforcement, and corrections agencies to serve and protect local communities and help offenders get on the path to a better life.

Many of our most effective programs and tools are delivered every day through local offices, Day Reporting Centers (DRC) and Community Based programs across the US.

Throughout the month of April we look forward to celebrating Second Chance Month. We will share personal successes and new tools and technologies that help offenders stay on a path to a better life.